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    How referral works
When a new user goes to the NFTea DApp through a referral link to purchase the option, the owner of the referral link will receive 5% of the option transaction amount as reward
2. Go to the website:
3. Connect wallet: Metamask
4. Get the referral link
(1) Click the user avatar in the top menu bar and click “Invite link” in the drop-down order.
(2) Generate your own unique referral link
(3) Click “Copy link”
5. Share the link
Users can use their unique invitation links through social networks (Twitter, Discord, Telegram…) and other channels to share with friends and other users
6. View earnings
(1) USDC balance and transaction records can be viewed through the wallet
(2) Users can click the user avatar on the top menu bar to view the USDC balance of the wallet