Join the NFTEA Testnet Trading Competition for free!

No matter where you are in the world, you must pay close attention to the World Cup Qatar 2022. We try to add more fun to the competition. So the NFTEA Testnet Option Competition is coming!
Join the game, support your favorite team, and share the 2,000 USDC prize with Free Entry! 🤩
Apply for Tester: Dec 1 — Dec 3 UTC
NFT Option Competition: Dec 4— Dec 19 UTC
📊 Rules
  1. 1.
    Fill in the Form, complete the tasks of the community, and get the Tester role on Discord.
  • Follow and quote retweet the pinned tweet.
  • Join in Telegram
  • Join in Discord and say something in #gm-gn-hi
(We will give you the role of Tester if you finish all the tasks)
2. Each Tester will receive 10,000 USDC test tokens for the competition.
3. Log in to, connect wallet, select the Mumbai Test Network, and enter the NFTEA beta version.
5. Choose the team you support and make a purchase.
6. The top 50 users who pay out in the end will share 2,000 USDC rewards.
(About the rewards of different rankings, as well as last buy, you can check the game rules doc and medium of the main network and Tutorial | FAQ | Video Tutorial)
According to the final payout ranking, the top 50 users will be rewarded.
📌After all the matches are over, the option will start to exercise, and then the payout ranking will start to be calculated.
👉How to join?
Please click:
If you need any help, please refer to:
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